SHITSUMON means, “Question” in Japanese.

Mr Mihiro Matsuda is the founder of the SHITSUMON method.
He realized that questions have power, and depending on how the question is phrased, and the mindset you have in asking the question, the answer will be different.
SHITSUMON has the ability to unlock personal awareness as well as provide inspiration to lead to a state of motivation.

This personal inner change can feel like “magic”, and that is why Mr. Matsuda named his method “Magic Question (Mahono Shitsumon in Japanese)”. We have simplified it to “SHITSUMON“.

Mr Mihiro Matsuda


He is the founder of SHITSUMON.
With a background in coaching and counseling, he developed this method which focuses on the question, rather than the answer, in order to unlock personal potential.

Mr. Matsuda is currently SHITSUMON’s Master Question Specialist and has also authored books on SHITSUMON.

He developed the SHITSUMON accredited program in 2004 in Japan and has since trained more than 5,000 Japanese question specialists.

The SHITSUMON Method makes one become more aware of the “SHITSUMON mind”, and through this mindset, many people have found it to be a good “everyday guide in life”.

Students who took the SHITSUMON Course have successfully used and applied its techniques and mindset to their own personal lives, be it in business, education, management, personal development, etc.

Mr. Mihiro Matsuda has published 35 books in Japan, which have been translated into Korean and Chinese. His business management and parental care books hit No. #1 in sales on Amazon in Japan, and he has more than 40,000 followers through his online newsletter and magazine.

In 2007, he established the SHITSUMON Foundation, a non-profit and voluntary organization that reaches out to schools.

The “SHITSUMON School project” helps children to develop self-motivation. Mr Matsuda personally goes to the schools to conduct self-motivation classes and workshops.

He has conducted “SHITSUMON School project” workshops not only in Japan but also around the world; in London (UK), Cairns (Australia), Singapore, Prague (Czech Republic). Most recently, in October 2015, he held a workshop at the United Nations International School (UNIS) in New York City (USA).

His voluntary work on the “SHITSUMON School project” has been recognized by the Japanese government and has received an award from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, for “the highest contribution to society“.

Mr Matsuda believes that SHITSUMON will create and attract its own bright future and he believes that through this method everyone can fulfill his or her own life potential.