H SEEDS stands for Seeds of Happiness Heart Hope Harmony Health Human Heritage Holistic.

I believe that we all have H SEEDS in us, and that we should actively plant these seeds as the way forward to make the world and the future a better place.

It is important to “live and let live”, and it is through this motto that I find the inspiration to encourage people to adopt good motivation for themselves and others.

I truly believe that everyone deserves to be happy, and when adults are happy, their next generation will naturally take on this motivation too.


SHITSUMON methods inspired me very much, and I found that it really resonated with my ideals for H SEEDS.

It is my wish to share my SHITSUMON experience with as many people as possible.
I hope that the SHITSUMON mindset will help people realize their own potential and enable them to independently shape and decide their own future.